My Year in iPhone Pictures

Next year I plan to blog more personal content, but I thought it would be fun to look back at 2017 using a year of iPhone photos. Here goes…


I started the year with our new van for Roxbury Booth. So handy being able to load it directly from the garage.

January means bridal fair season starts again!

The transformation from home studio to dining room took a step forward with our new table from Made, chairs from Next and lights from Made.

We had a PPANI event with Ian Munro in January, the model was brilliant, sadly he passed away later this year.

It was off to London to exhibit at the SWPP Convention for my educational site, Engage Live.

Although you can’t see him in this photo, the super Andrew Palmer treated us to dinner with my good buddy Melissa Love and Tom. Andrew’s stories are the best!

Catching up with Luke Edmonson and checking out some photo booth props.

Love mojitos!

We had a get together for members of our Engage Live community, the Engagers!

Anyone else love Pret?

Our table for the SWPP Awards was super fun, and for some reason we had to all wear a fake nail!

Tom was slightly disappointed by his dinner at Wagamama in the airport on the way home. We didn’t realise what it was when ordered!

We caught up with local photographer friends at our regular lunches at Blackbird. Yes these guys beard game is on point!

We had a number of events at 80/81 throughout the year. Niall’s getting his pitch game on here.

I bumped into local YouTuber Izonhow – cool guy!

I had the chance to photograph my lovely friend Cai Graham at her beautiful home in Helen’s Bay for her new book. She’s doing amazing things and is well worth a follow here.

Sometimes I take Milo to work, he’s not good for productivity.

More bridal fairs, this time at Roe Park Resort and I caught up Derek! All comperes are important, but Derek is extremely important!

I loved working with Wafer Ltd and Joe this year, such a great guy and family business!

Off to the Northern Ireland Wedding Awards. I changed into my tux in the car after driving to Belfast after a shoot!

I sat with Peggy and Sharon from Bridal Showroom – one of the best nights craic this year! The girls are a scream!

The next day I hooked up with Joanne Cooke at her home for a shoot for Getting Married in Northern Ireland Magazine.


Travelling with my love over to England for the Guild of Photographers Awards.

Watching judging.

Loved catching up with Ronan from 3XM, his lovely with Susan and Martin from Graphi.

Steve and Lesley literally two of the best people I know. Great job on the awards!

Back home and no wedding, but I accompanied Margaret to a wedding to do the booth. Yes I sat in the van eating sweets 🙂

Back at Airporter for one of the many jobs we did there this year. One of the best companies and teams of people ever.

Redcastle Bridal Fair.

At Red Door for their bridal event.

Managed to get a night out with friends in-between.

Valentines was low key – we headed out for dinner after I worked and Margaret went to the gym. Here’s Margaret opening her card ha ha! I did get her something I promise, plus sorry for the snort! 🙂

Tom and I have taken testing out photo booth props very seriously.

Steven Neeson was the special guest for my workshop and we were back at Lough Eske Castle for the styled shoots.

Tom shared his knowledge with the group.

The month ended with a talk as part of an event at 80/81.


I was print handling for the PPANI Awards at Galgorm this year which was an amazing experience.

Tom picked up his Licentiate Qualificiation (this and the next few images by Kelvin Boyes / Press Eye)

Jenny and Margaret hit the booth.

I held a workshop for Londonderry Chamber and Scattr on Mobile Video marketing – here was the video the group created.

Hard at work editing videos for my Create A Marketing Video course. 

We said goodbye to mum and dad’s home – just a few images of mum that created you coming in the door.

Tom acting as a stand in before the bride and groom jumped in.

This image is from the Canon 5D MK III.


Kayla from ShootProof in Atlanta flew in to record some content for Engage.

We took her out for dinner and a night out in Derry.

We had Rob Dight record a class sponsored by ShootProof which comes out in 2018.

Kayla spoke to the members of PPANI about ShootProof.

Jake from Freedom Edits flew in from Wales to record a class for Engage.

We finally said goodbye to my parents lovely home in Drung.

I had a shoot near Newry and planned to drive onto the airport after. The car broke down and had to be towed. I had to catch a bus later that night to Dublin Airport.

Off to Nashville.

My buddy Levi picked me up at the airport.

How cool is their home.

The best BBQ ever.

I slept in their garage which they rent out as a cool AirB&B.

Melissa and I had a day to explore Nashville and hit up the Johnny Cash museam.

And eat Tacos – the line was around the block.

I was in Nashville for the Content Marketing Summit hosted by Zach and Jody Gray.

Phillip Blume told me Chick-Fil-A was a standard American breakfast!

Our crib in Franklin.

Such an inspiring group of photographers and those serving the industry (not an iPhone pic).

Back at Levi and Shayna’s home for my last night.

We went for Mexican!

I leave my phone for a minute and this happens.

We ended the night at Santa’s Pub, a Kareoke joint which celebrates Christmas all year long. Appologies for the bum notes and my American accent! 🙂

Back home and out at a wedding again!

Tom assisting someone in the photo booth!


And off to Italy for Michael and Vanessa’s wedding (The McLovin’s)

Tom, Margaret and I arriving. I shot the photos and Tom created their wedding film.

What an amazing location!

On the wedding day Tom and I got to take their car, a Pink Cadillac from Rome back to the venue. One of the funniest experiences ever!

Everyone checking out the slideshow of images the next day.

I set Vanessa and Michael up on a blind date so I was on a high on the wedding day for them both. I may or may not have danced with this flower pot on my head after we got done with our work for the day!

We inducted Tom into the Hard Rock experience in Rome.

Back home and Kate Hopewell-Smith and Brent flew in for a PPANI workshop.

Later that day we filmed a class with the super cool Sam Hurd who’d just flew in from the States. It hits the internet in 2018 sponsored by ShootProof.

I was invited to a bloggers lunch in Belfast by Cathy Martin – really great event.

We started our weekly Facebook Lives for Photographers.

Back out for weddings and this little guy was in charge of keeping the rain away…

Didn’t work on this occasion 🙂

Tom getting the same day slideshow ready.

I finished the month in Belfast for the Power of Video Conference, the world’s leading YouTuber’s fly in – always so inspiring.


Margaret’s colleague Laura got married in the Villa Rose, we did the wedding film. Here’s Jenny and Laura rocking the dance floor.

Margaret did a great job with the booth this year.

We hit the cinema!

The interns joined the team for the summer creating video content.

I made our home smart last year, this is what Margaret does when she’s looking after her nieces.

Budget Print did an amazing job of doing a complete wrap of the Roxbury van, or ‘Roxy’ as we affectionately refer to her!

I was invited to an event to meet an American investment delegation that visited the city earlier this year at the Walled City Brewery – the foot is yummy there!

We custom wrapped the booth for an event for House of Fraser in Belfast – looked amazing!


New cases for our travels.

We were treated to an amazing weekend by the team at 3XM. It started in Dublin at the Guinness Storehouse and we travelled to Kilkenny for the rest of the weekend.

They made this beautiful box for Vanessa and Michael.

What a great group, we’ve made some brilliant friends from the group.

Off on holidays to Orlando, Jenny loves me taking photos of her (not)!

Although she doesn’t mind when I take her shopping! We had a fun day out at the mall where she shopped til she dropped!

I picked up some backdrops for the photo booth in the States.

Harry Potter at Universal is so cool.

House of Blues.

I picked Tom and I up a couple of Holdfasts.

Jenny and Margaret played mind games at Wonderworks.

The rain is crazy in Orlando, check out the video, and me sounding not very manly!

We visited Boggy Creek which was the highlight of the trip!

Of course we made sure to visit Hard Rock!

I said goodbye to the Golf and got a new set of wheels.

I like my new cups from 3XM 🙂

We finished the month taking Milo, Abbie and Clodagh to Brooke Park on a Sunday outing.


Love our Gatsby backdrop for the booth.

Any time I see Macho Man Randy Savage I need a photo!

Riding in style to the service with the bridesmaids.

These guys trusted me to drive the Golf Cart, are they wise? Charlie’s hanging on the back for dear life.

Out boothing again with Margaret, it’s super busy!

At the Dentist – I like the way they serve Nespresso!

A quick selfie and a CT scan at the dentist.

Shooting Shauna and Michael’s wedding.

Sameday slideshow went down a storm!

Out with friends at Harry’s in the Craft Village.

Guess which drink is mine?

Off on our camping adventure for my birthday – we bought all the stuff…but decided last minute to ditch the tent and stay somewhere more comfortable…oops!

Met up for some Guapo!

We love our coffee delivery!

Outside my window at work drivers prepared for the Ulster Rally which was based in our building.


The Millennium Forum bridal fair kicked off the season again.

Spying on Michael!

He saw me!

Loved creating a film and stills for Coyle’s Coal – video has taken off for us in a big way in 2017!

Not an iPhone pic, but got this EPIC shot of the car in the docks while there.

Another day, another fun booth!

On the way to a wedding and experienced an Irish traffic jam/ram!

Helicopter time on Laura and Charlie’s wedding day. It’s literally my favourite thing to do in the world!

I attended Margaret’s cousin’s wedding as a guest!

We really hit it off with the Williamson’s at the 3XM weekend and had the chance to spend a night with them in Belfast when they visited. Such interesting and inspiring people, we know we’ve found some kindred spirits!

Silver Tassie bridal fair, love Gifs from the booth!


I spoke at PhotoHubs in Dublin and had the chance to catch-up with these guys for dinner.

We shot a promo video for the Roxy!

Babysitting again!

A reunion for Michael and Vanessa’s wedding.

Redcastle Bridal Fair.

PPANI Business School, our team created a video of the event.

Ready for Kular’s birthday’s celebrations.

Love the food at the Red Door – one of the best starters ever.

We invested in a new range of Sony gear for our increasing video department.

We were excited to exhibit at the Quirky Wedding Fairs event in the Waterfront.

The Force was with him!

Francine and Gerard at the Red Door Bridal fair.

Some guests enjoy the booth!


We hosted an open day for Lee from Sim Imaging at our HQ in Derry.

Then off to Venice to be inspired by legendary photographer, Yervant!

Where’s Wally?


On our last day in Venice we visited Burano, it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen.

The next day Tom and I flew to Phoenix, Arizona to work and speak at the United Conference.

My class went down really well – thanks everyone for coming!

Tom and I filmed the Conference including the breakout sessions and a highlight film which was played on the last day. We burnt the midnight oil to finish on time, so to get such a great reaction was amazing.

And time to go home.

Tom getting his comic fix on the way home.

Then the next day I flew to Amsterdam with my school friends for a weekend.

Back home Michael Love shot some photos of the team for our new website and Chloe joined the team.

We picked up four blog awards at this year’s Irish blog awards.


Off to We Do Art to finish the dining room.

We finished off the room with a TV above the fire place and new mirror in the dining room.

Tonight we did our Christmas food shop and prepared for the holidays.

Whatever you’re up to I wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year!



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