Top 10 Wedding Hacks

Having been involved in hundreds of weddings over the years, you’d be surprised at what tips we’ve picked up along the way! But rather than keeping them to ourselves, we’ve put them all together in one handy post. So here you have it… our top 10 wedding hacks to help make your day a success!


No doubt one of the first things you’ll do when you start planning your wedding is to create a list of what’s what. This is great, but it can become easy to get carried away with your budget, allocating more to elements which quite frankly, you don’t care about. A great wedding hack for helping with this, is to sit down with your other half and list the five most important things for your wedding. Whether that’s once-in-a-lifetime wedding photos, to die for wedding gown or dreamy designer shoes, prioritising by what you want the most at your wedding will help determine what you need.

Set up an email wedding account

As soon as you start putting plans in place, it’s time to set up an email wedding account, instead of using your own personal address. It’s a great way to keep track of those RSVPs, as well as keeping everything wedding related in one handy place, meaning those replies from suppliers, as well as wedding ideas and articles that you’ve emailed to yourself won’t get lost in cyber space (or among all the spam, at least).

Top 10 Wedding Hacks

Number your RSVP cards

You’d be surprised by how many people forget to write their name on their RSVP card (yes, really!) so a good way to combat hours of head scratching and countless calls and texts is by numbering each RSVP card. Write your guest-list on an A4 page and jot down a number for each person. Then, when the odd blank RSVP card comes back, you just need to whip out your list. Voila! Hours of valuable time saved.

Wear nice prep clothes

If your photographer is attending your house to snap a few photos of the bridal preparations, consider what you’re wearing before you throw on a ratty t-shirt or that onesie that’s seen better days. Matching kimonos or dressing gowns can look fab in photos, and also double up as a nice present for your bridesmaids. Just think about what you’d be happy being photographed in. These photos serve as a nice momentum of your morning together so you don’t want to look back on them with regret, and think: “What was I wearing!”

Prepare an emergency kit

While we hope nothing goes wrong on the day of the morning, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for any little misdemeanour, and packing a DIY emergency kit does just that. Armed with a needle and thread, bobby pins, plasters, baby wipes, and anything else you can think of ensures you are prepared for every eventuality.

Create a bridal party itinerary

Minimise the chances of people asking where they’re supposed to be on the day with a printed itinerary for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. This also allows you to create to dos for each person for any tasks which need carried out on the day.

Hide a tissue in your bouquet

If you need a quick fix just in case you get a little teary-eyed, your bouquet is the perfect spot to discretely hide a tissue.

‘Post-it’ your gifts

When it comes to opening your gifts, it can become quite easy to forget who gifted what! An easy wedding hack to help combat this is to have a pen and paper ready, some post-it notes and paper clips so that you can keep track of who gave you what. If you receive cheques or money, paper clip them to the card they came in and if you receive physical gifts, add a post-it of the giver’s name to the box. This tip affords you the opportunity to be personal in your thank-you notes.

Wear your shoes in

This applies to men too! Avoid slippy dance-floor drama (Chandler Bing, anyone?!) by breaking in your shoes a little before the big day. As well as wearing your shoes around the house for a while, sand the soles of them to rough them up a bit and give them enough grip. Also, if their newness means they’re a little tight, pop on a pair of wooly tights to stretch them out a bit.

There’s an app for that

Planning a wedding in an era of modern technology affords you the chance to streamline your wedmin! Before you get lost in a world of spreadsheets and A4 files, go paperless by checking out our post on the top wedding planning apps here.



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