Weddings Unveiled : DJ Wes AKA Glenn Nicholl

A big part of every wedding is the music! It’s what gets guests going and up on their feet again after the meal and the highlight of many people’s day. It’s definitely no easy task and it’s all about understanding your audience and delivering what they want. Today, I caught up with experienced wedding DJ, Glenn Nicholl to find out what exactly he loves about his profession and what qualities he believes make a top DJ!


Glenn, what led to you getting involved in the wedding industry?

I have been a DJ for 13 years now, having started with friends’ parties and local bars. While planning my own wedding I realised there was a definite gap in the market for a high quality, professional DJ and decided to take the leap into the wedding industry.

What do you enjoy most about being a DJ?

The buzz you get from providing folks with a great night out and a fantastic service is like no other! No two events are the same – I love meeting different people and having a bit of fun at my job.

What makes you different from other wedding DJs?

The high level of personal service I provide is a source of pride – I work hard to ensure every couple receives the same high standard of care and love getting to know them in the lead up to their day. I’m passionate about what I do and personally, I think it shows. My number one rule is to never, ever, pass work out to other DJs – when you book me, you get me, and that’s consistent from the first casual chat until the last song of your wedding day.

What’s the most unique wedding you’ve ever DJ’d for?

Every wedding is unique! No two are the same, which is one of the many reasons I love my job.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

The long process of packing up at the end of the night! Unfortunately I can’t take short cuts – everything has to be accounted for and in its place to make sure there are no issues at the next gig. It’s a big job but it always seems much worse at 2am!

What type of music do you like?

I have an eclectic taste – personally, I love listening to all kinds of new music, and I have to ensure I stay up to date. I do have a soft spot for The Killers and Calvin Harris especially though!

What makes a good DJ?

There’s two main parts to my job – prior planning and organisation are critical, but anyone can do that. The hard part is reading a crowd, knowing what they’re after when they don’t know themselves, and making sure you deliver. That can’t be taught and only comes with experience.

Name your top 10 floor fillers.

Where to start! There is no such thing as a “top 10” – as I said every event is different, so what works for one won’t work for another, and that’s where the skill comes in. However, some that usually go down a treat are Proud Mary, the Grease megamix, Footloose and anything by Bruno Mars or Olly Murs. A mixture of current pop chart and the classics of yesteryear will normally satisfy the liveliest of wedding guests! Check out Glenn’s website here.



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