Wedding Planning: Where To Start

If you’re recently engaged… congratulations! As the celebrations die down and your engagement bubble begins to pop, you may be left asking yourself: “Now where do I start?” Thankfully we’re here to lend a helping hand and guide you through the wedding planning experience.

While some things are good to know, such as which wedding dress silhouette is hot right now, or what bridesmaid colours are topping the trends, there are some things that you definitely need to know. You can thank us later…

Number cruncher

First things first, let’s talk numbers. Before deciding on a venue, you need to work out approximately how many guests will be attending your wedding. This will ensure you only look at venues which can accommodate your numbers. The good news is that many wedding venues have different sized rooms available and can usually work with your numbers. As a rule of thumb, 10 to 20 percent of invited guests will decline so use this as a guide when tallying up your figures.

Set the tone

Sit down with your hubby-to-be and share details on what type of wedding you have in mind. Have you always imagined having a traditional white wedding, or a luxe black tie affair? Do you fancy a good ol’ knees up or is a laid back do more your style? Think about what vibe you want your wedding day to exude. You should also consider whether you want a church wedding or a non-religious civil ceremony. And most of all, remember that this is your big day! Your wedding should be a reflection of your personality as a couple so don’t be swayed by other people’s input.

When and where to marry?

Consider what time of year you would like to get married. Is there a significant date which holds sentiment for you? Do you have preference for a summer or winter wedding? Your wedding budget may also help determine when you get married. If you need to save for your big day you will need to allow yourselves realistic time to do so. Don’t jump in and book a wedding for six months time if financially this is isn’t possible. When it comes to location, consider if you’d like to say your nuptials close to where you live, or if you’d like to return to where you grew up. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, discuss whether a destination wedding is an option.

Decide what’s important

Ensure you are both on the same page by talking about what you want from your big day. If you’re foodies, put food and drink at the top of your list. Love music? Finding the right live band for your reception should take importance. Fan of photography? Find a photographer whose work you admire. To help with this, make a list of everything you want at your wedding and prioritise it. By deciding on what’s important you’ll know where to devote more time and budget.

Pay it forward

When it comes to choosing vendors for your big day, let one lead you onto another. Or, if you feel more comfortable taking advice from someone you already know, ask friends and family who were recently married who they would recommend. With so many vendors out there, this will help with your search. Another option is to attend a local wedding fair. This way, you get access to a wide variety of suppliers under one roof and you can practically plan your wedding in a day.

Get organised

Keep everything together in a folder dedicated to your wedding planning. Hold onto a record of all email correspondence, invoices and notes you make during meetings. It’s also a great place to keep those torn out sheets from magazines of things that have caught your eye. Many couples even set up an email address dedicated to their wedding. For the day itself, prepare an emergency contact list with names and phone numbers of all your vendors. Pass this onto your bridesmaids to keep handy.

And, relax

Finally, for some, wedding planning can be a stressful experience. Just try to relax as much as possible and enjoy the experience as your dream day begins to take shape. Don’t lose sight of the reasons why you are getting married and remember that you won’t be able to please all your guests so plan your day with your vision at the forefront. Enjoy!



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