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How to celebrate your original wedding date in lockdown

If you’ve had to reschedule your original wedding date due to the coronavirus pandemic you’re no doubt disappointed, but your dream day will happen!

When your original date does come around you may feel a little blue, but among all the emotions you should consider celebrating the day. It is another milestone in your love story.

Here are some ways you can mark the day…

Hold a virtual party with friends and family

Organise a fun hangout on Zoom with those you love. Pop a bottle of champagne if that’s your thing and take time to connect and chat. It would be fun to send everyone a bit of cake and why not do a fun speech and first dance while cheered on by your family in their homes. Maybe a game of Mr and Mrs could be a fun time and would be sure to generate a few laughs!

Have your loved ones do a drive by

If social distancing is still in place have your family and friends do a drive by and honk their horns as you wave from your porch or garden.

Have a nice dinner

Order in or cook a special meal together. Why not consider dressing up and getting fancy while you enjoy the meal and add a mini wedding cake to make sure you get a chance to cut and enjoy.

Do Your First Dance

Get some candles rocking and your first dance playing loud. You can practice your dance and you’ll be pro by the time your new date comes around!

Have a photo shoot

If social distancing is relaxed I’d love to connect to photograph you both. If not get a selfie stick and creative shooting some fun portraits around your home and garden.

Give each other a wedding gift

You may have already picked up a gift for one another, but a sweet gift for one another could be a really nice milestone and could raise your spirits.

Have a wedding movie night

Settle in on the couch with your favourite fun wedding movie sure to provide some smiles.

Exchange love letters

The day is all about the love you have for one another. Take time out to write each other a letter sharing why you’re looking forward to being married and what your partner means to you.

Remember your love story

Looking at old photos is always fun. Perhaps create an album or a frame filled with your favourite memories and good times together.

Whatever your plans your wedding will come around and when it does it will be epic. I truly believe everything happens for a reason, even if that’s hard to see right now. You new date will roll around before you know it!



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