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Covid-19 FAQ

First of all let me say I really hope you and your family is well during this time. Crazy times right!

I thought it would be really useful to answer some of the questions that I’m getting a lot right now to help you with you decision making as your day approaches and I’ve shared these and responses below.

Know that I am bending over backwards to accommodate my couples to make this situation as stress free as possible. My response to it is evolving as things move forward and I’ll keep this post up-to-date with any changes.

I would ask to please keep me in the loop, I genuinely want to help you to navigate this situation.

Your dream day will take place at some point and when it does it’s going to be epic!

How do I know if I need to move my date?

I would contact your venue and keep an eye on the news for the latest as things develop. My hope is that restrictions will be lifted sooner rather than later.

I may need to move dates, will there be extra charges?

No, absolutely not, I am taking on the costs of you moving your balance over to a new date that I’m free on without charge to you.

How do I check your availability so I can choose a date you’re free on?

I’ve put together a calendar of my free dates which you can access by clicking here.


The dates marked here are already booked. This is kept up-to-date so it will always be accurate. I would urge you to consider looking a mid-week or off season dates and in fact August 2021 is still wide open.

What’s the best approach to choosing a new date?

My advice is to ask your venue for several dates so that you can line up as many of your original suppliers as possible. In this way both you and your suppler will stand to not lose out. You’re suppliers are being really flexible to facilitate your change of date and I’d ask you to please be flexible when it comes to choosing a plan B.

Will I need a new contract when I move dates?

I’m currently drawing up an amendment and I’ll be in touch once you move with that to firm up everything. Even confirmation via email means I have your new date locked in for you.

When will my balance be due?

We are asking couples if they could stick to their current payment schedule. If you are not working right now and are finding it difficult, please get in touch to let me know and I’m more than happy to split your balance into two payments, 50% on your original date and 50% one month before your new wedding date.

I’ve chosen a date you’re not free on, what happens?

If you’ve booked other services including video and the photo booth these can still be facilitated.

I will offer a photographer of similar style and calibre to cover your wedding day. They are amazing photograhers who I trust to do an amazing job of photographing your wedding day.

They will do your pre-wedding chat and they will photograph the day with a second photographer.

After the wedding I’ll do all of the culling of images, editing, meetings, retouching and album design and production of your wedding album.

This will mean you’re not having to have the stress of going back to the drawing board and I’m able to manage everything for you.

What if I already moved dates and I need to move again?

I will happily move your date as many times as we need to so you get your dream day. So if you need to move again it’s perfectly ok.

What if I cancel my wedding?

The booking fee is non-refundable, so if it’s possible to reschedule that’s always advisable.

How are you dealing with meetings right now?

I’m used to doing calls, Zooms etc and I have really great systems I’ve put a lot of effort into over the years which will make the process as easy as possible for you..

My wedding is going ahead with smaller numbers during some part of the recovery from the pandemic are you ok to shoot?

Yes, I’m happy to be guided by the restrictions and want to support you in anyway I can.

What if you get coronavirus and can’t be there for my wedding?

In the event something like that did happen I would endeavour to put in place a replacement photographer of an equivalent style and quality. Alternatively I would return your full investment for your photography and allow you to make your own arrangements if you choose to.

How is the pandemic effecting you and your business?

I’ve been shooting weddings for a decade, so my business is stable, I’m not going anywhere.

I have found it really strange not to be flat out during the wedding season as I honestly love photographing weddings.

My wife looks after her mum, so I’ve been parenting my two year old, Sophie which has been really fun, but has meant I’ve only been able to fit in an hour or two of work each day (usually in the mornings). So if you do message me I will be in touch, normally the same or next day.



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