How To Be The BEST Bride Squad EVER!

Whether you’re calling it your bride tribe or bridal squad, there’s no denying that having an epic bridal party will go a long way in ensuring your wedding day is the BEST day of your life. Here’s the lowdown on what makes the perfect bride squad. Brides-to-be… get tagging.

Bride squad

Offer your services

Ladies, the ultimate key to being the best bride squad is to give it your all! It’s an honour to be asked to be one of your bride’s leading ladies so take the privilege and run with it. Offer your services to help in anyway you can (without overstepping the mark, obviously). From dress fittings, to making up favours, you’ll earn yourself the title of best bridesmaid if you meet the bride’s every wish.

Bride squad

Wear what you’re told

Chances are, your bride will choose something amazing, which perfectly complements her vision for the day, but if you aren’t 100% in love with it, grin and bear it if you want to make it in the bride squad. Remember, it’s extremely difficult to find a dress that looks good on 3 or more bodies, and which everyone loves, so suck it up and take one for the team.

Bride squad

Throw the perfect hen do

Probably one of the most exciting parts of being a bridesmaid is getting to help plan that all important hen do. If there are a few bridesmaids, make sure everyone is on the same page. Remember, this is ALL about the bride so make sure you plan something she’ll love. A hen do is a celebration of the bride and a way for her to blow off some steam during a hectic time of wedding planning. When it comes to her hen, knowing your audience is key. A few embarrassing photos and stories is more than enough for most people, so don’t hire a stripper for a shy bride who’ll hate it (not to mention her mum!). Think about the best night out the bride has ever had and recreate something similar for mega brownie points.

Bride squad

Create a calm setting

There’s nothing better than arriving at a bride’s house and seeing a calm scene ahead. With limited time to prepare for a BIG day, stress is the last thing a bride wants. Help her create a schedule for hair and makeup and distribute this ro the others so everyone knows what’s happening and when. Bring a bottle of champagne, prepare a wedding morning playlist of the bride’s favourite songs and earn yourself the title of best bride squad ever!

Bride squad

Prepare an emergency kit

It’s easy for things to go wrong, and while no one wants that on their wedding day, being prepared will minimise any drama. Putting together an emergency bridal kit which foresees every eventuality is the perfect way to offer a solution to every scenario. Items such as plasters, needle and thread, safety pins, scissors, hair clips, deodorant, hairspray and tissues can help solve so many dilemmas.

Bride squad

Be at her beck and call

Think you’re just there for wedding photos? Think again! As a member of the bride squad, make sure you’re available on the day. Collect cards from guests, answer questions and meet with vendors to ensure it’s a smooth running show.

Bride squad

Keep the dance floor filled

As a bridesmaid, you’ll be required to take part in the first dance and that floor is where you should remain for the majority of the night. The time in the day when the bride and groom can FINALLY let lose, it’s the part of the wedding that the majority of couples enjoy the most. So keep your feet firmly on that dance floor and help them celebrate the next stage of their life in style.

Bride squad

Be on hair and makeup duty

With the hair and makeup team well and truly gone, it’s your turn to make sure the bride is blushing all day long. She probably won’t want to lug a handbag around so make sure you have her lippy to hand.

Don’t moan

And the final, and golden rule, is don’t moan. Remember, this is her day. It’s all about her and complaining about one thing or another isn’t going to get anywhere so keep your opinions firmly to yourself, smile and sashay down that aisle.


  1. This is very good stuff, learning a lot from this website. Hopefully I can apply most of the pointers in my next wedding


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