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Having a Baby in iPhone Pics

I’ve just returned to work after two weeks paternity leave. I did shoot three weddings during those two weeks mind you and I welcomed my daughter into the world. Here’s the story of the last couple of weeks told in photos from my phone!

I got this cute camera from Amazon.

Sophie already had some friends waiting for her in her room.

Love the SnuzKot and we got the chair from IKEA.

We went for a scan on the Monday and as the baby was breech they had to admit Margaret straight away and they were planning a section later that day.

As they were so busy, we had a couple of days on the ward and in the meantime the baby’s head engaged so they started to induce Margaret on the Wednesday. 

I was ready with the bunny and the PacaPod bag!

Always time for a selfie – those days and nights at the hospital seemed like a lifetime.

On Wednesday night I went home expecting to be woken in the middle of the night to come back to Altnagelvin.

The next morning I got a call to come over to the hospital straight away. Margaret couldn’t find her nighty so I had to go a buy a couple. I got this one which wasn’t worn!

In labour all day Thursday.

Late Thursday night, the doctors decided an emergency section was needed.

I waited outside and was brought in just before Sophie was born at 10.10pm on 3 May weighing 8lbs. My first reaction was surprise at how much she looks like me! Her full name is Sophie Brigid Doherty. My late mum was Brigid, so I think it’s really special that Sophie will carry her name and have a connection with her nana.

Just born and wrapped up!

It was amazing holding her for the first time, although my mind was on Margaret as she was still in theatre.

Jenny came over and was allowed in for a few minutes to meet her sister. As an only child until now it was amazing to see Jenny with her.

She looks proud as punch in this photo.

First selfie!

Little did I know at this time, but there were complications with the section and Margaret was in a serious condition. After the section she was moved to the high dependency unit where they could monitor her more closely. That night I saw her there, before visiting Sophie where she would be well looked after.

The next two days I had weddings, I would never let anyone down on their wedding day, so that never crossed my mind. Margaret’s family rallied around and I spent every morning and night at the hospital, with my time divided between Sophie and Margaret.

Margaret got moved down to the ward and started making a recovery on the Saturday and after two days she met Sophie for the first time. The day before the girls in the neonatal unit sent Margaret up a card with Sophie’s footprints and a message from Sophie saying get well soon mummy, I can’t wait to meet you. I found that kind of heartbreaking and super sweet and we’ve now framed it at home and will cherish it forever.

We got to take Sophie home on Monday, and yes the car ride was a nervous one.

Her first moments at home.

The late nights have started in full force.

I hope she likes having her photo taken.

She loved her SnuzPod and so do we. I could sit and watch her in this all day!

We had so so many kind gifts and visitors who wanted to meet this wee one.

Her cousins Ellie and Paddy bought her this little Fairy door!

Milo’s been trying to make sense of Sophie!

On the Friday Sophie went for her first photo shoot with the incredibly talented, Natasha Bamford Photography.

This melts my heart!!! How cute is this!

Great gift for a photographers daughter.

Her first outing in her Bugaboo pram!

Checking out her new play mat.

I set Sophie up as a user on our Netflix account. A bit young to watch, but just some background sounds. Not sure which shows will drive me crazy! 🙂

Bedtime in her SnuzPod, you can attach to the bed and open the side which is really great.

All in all it’s been a whirlwind few weeks, but I feel so blessed that mum and baby are now doing well, I’m getting used to a lack of sleep and I’m excited for what the future will bring!


  1. Laura Adams says:

    She’s a beauty. Congratulations to you both


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