Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to wedding planning, it’s easy to dive in without a plan, beginning with the things you enjoy. Before you know it, you can’t keep track of what has been agreed, you realise you’ve done everything in the wrong order and your guest list is out of control. To get your planning off to a great start, check out our top 10 wedding planning mistakes to avoid.

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1) Not beginning with the guest list

For many couples, this will quickly become their least favourite task but it is essential to kick the process off with this. It will give you an idea of the size of your wedding and your budget will be based on this.

2) Blowing your budget too soon

Sounds silly, but it happens! Avoid overspending by working out your overall budget and breaking it down into individual categories. It’s easy to get carried away and overspend on say, your dream venue, only to realise it leaves you short for your honeymoon. Be strict with your budget to save heartache in the long term.

3) Not delegating roles

It’s called a wedding party for a reason, so if you need help… ask! You’ll find your family and friends are only too willing to be involved, lightening your load and relieving┬ástress. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed with the task in hand, consider whether your budget will stretch to include the services of a professional wedding planner.

4) Getting attached to specific flower types

Don’t set your heart on a particular type of flower without speaking to your florist first. If these are out of season, they may be difficult to source or indeed, incur significant costs. Instead, find a few types that you like and have a chat with your florist about what will be in bloom at the time of your big day.

5) Not hiring professionals

It might seem like you are being sensible with your money by cutting corners and asking friends to perform key services but this is something which requires careful consideration. Unless your friend actually is a professional photographer and isn’t just handy with a camera, it’s better to call in a professional, or you may later regret the decision.

6) Not booking a hair and make-up trial

If you are planning on having your hair and make-up professionally done, unless you know your chosen artists extremely well and feel safe in their hands, a trial is always recommended. This will afford you the opportunity to discuss which looks will complement your dress and determine which styles suit you best.

7) Starting a crazy crash diet before your final dress fitting

Trying to drop dress sizes ahead of the big day isn’t a good idea, especially if you leave it too late. If you are planning on dieting, set realistic goals for yourself and stop ahead of your final dress fitting so there are no surprises on the day of the wedding. Remember, always seek medial advice when planning to begin a new diet and avoid so called fad/crash diets.

8) Forgetting that it’s your day too

Obviously you’ll want your guests to have an amazing day but remember why you are planning this day. There are endless options when it comes to keeping your guests entertained, from photo booths to alternative guest books, so don’t cause unnecessary stress by trying to include everything!

9) Saving tasks for the morning of

If it can be done in advance, do it! If your venue offers you the chance to set up the day before, take it! Don’t leave what you view as minor tasks, such as writing place cards until the morning of the wedding. With so much else going on, this will just become an unnecessary stress.

10) Not enjoying the planning

Yes, planning a wedding can be stressful but avoid coming over all bridezilla and instead enjoy the process. Involve your groom as much as possible and organise days out with your bridal party around dress fittings so that the process remains fun. Don’t be afraid to take a day a week off from planning to clear your mind.



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