Telling your wedding day story with the perfect wedding album

Taking your wedding photos is just part of it. We’ve perfected our process for creating wedding albums which perfectly preserve your wedding memories and tell the story of your day from start to finish. From photo selection to positioning, we take care to ensure each album is a true reflection of your special day.

Your wedding album should include all the important details and key moments from the day. Albums work best if your images are chronological, which is how we design all of ours.

It’s important to choose images that you love, which will create a story and portray the atmosphere of the day. Think of it as a short film in print.

The first 55 images of your album are included in our collections. Most couples choose between 80 to 120 images in order to tell the rich and beautiful story of your day, and create a stunning heirloom, which will be cherished by future generations.

So what exactly do we recommend for your wedding day album layout? Here, we’ve broken down the sections so that you can see the workings of an album.

Your wedding day album: What we would include

Detail Shots 

wedding album

All those little details which have been carefully chosen, such as your dress, jewellery, flowers and gifts, or any other special elements that have meaning or are important to you. Typically we’ll include a spread or two of details with lots of smaller images.


Bride Prep

wedding album

wedding album

Getting ready is such a key element of the day and this is the only part your other half doesn’t see. We include photos of the bride before she is wearing her dress, hair and make-up preparation shots and photos of the bride with the bridesmaids.

Bridal Portraits  

wedding album

Here, we introduce the “lead character”, aka the bride. A few beauty shots of the bride before she sets off for the ceremony are a welcome addition to albums.

Groom Prep

wedding album

Again, this is the part of the day that your other half doesn’t see. We take shots of the groom before he dons his suit, getting ready and hanging out with the groomsmen.

Groom Portraits 

wedding album

The groom also deserves a few shots on his own, ahead of the ceremony.

Key Moments From The Ceremony 

A must for any wedding album, this section includes photos of the bride and groom looking at each other and key moments such as exchanging of the rings and the first kiss as husband and wife. Sequenced photos are also really nice here with two or three images in a sequence

Family Portraits  

Family portraits are always great to include as this album is an heirloom and something that will be shown to generations to come.

Wedding Party Shoot  

We like to get creative with these photos and it’s good to include the wedding party as these are people you chose to be part of your day. Fun and natural photos work great here.

Bride + Groom Portraits  

wedding album

wedding album

Again, these images are chosen from the creative shoot and focus on the happy couple. Your wedding day will be the time in your life when you look your best and happiest, so this is the perfect way to show that off. It’s good to have a nice mixture of types of images here, with wider shots, fun/natural shots and intimate and close shots to offer a variety of images. Think about how these images will group together on a spread – one type of emotion on a spread looks great, such as happiness or love.

Reception + Guest Shots 

wedding album

wedding album

Setting the tone for your wedding reception, photos which capture the atmosphere enrich your wedding day story. We make sure all those important décor details such as the cake, favours and stationery don’t go missed. When capturing photos of guests, candid shots, as well as wider shots showing the crowd or groups of people work best.


wedding album

One of the most anticipated moments of the reception, we add photos of everyone who delivered a speech, a photo of the bride and groom as they take it all in and shots depicting emotion.

Golden Hour (if you have this)  

wedding album

With the sun setting, this is the best lighting and an amazing time in the day to capture a few romantic photos of the newlyweds. These can be a real highlight of the album, and many couples choose to end it with this style of photo.

First Dance + Dancing 

It looks better if you have more than one of these images. We recommend including photos of just the bride and groom and then add ones of the bridal party and guests dancing the night away.

Design Ethos

When it comes to designing albums, we like to create clean, natural albums on white pages so that the overall vibe is fresh, which means it will stand the test of time.

We don’t tend to put a lot of images on one spread (apart from detail pages). We want to allow your images to breathe and stand out on their own. We want people to see them, for them not to be overcrowded and for that particular moment to shine through.

Our main focus is to ensure your album tells the story of your day in an authentic way.

Album Finish

Our Queensberry Duo album is the most popular option. We offer a range of cover options from leather to buckrams and luxurious silks in a range of colours. The album is hand-made in New Zealand by master craftsmen and is bespoke. I love some of the features of the albums including the really cool flip out or wing pages, which make your album really unique.

Another popular option, our Storybook album comes with a photo front or leather cover with embossing. If you choose a photo front. Again there are a wide range of colours for your cover and you can decide your options after your wedding.

Foil embossing is now becoming increasingly popular and looks great.

Parent Albums

The perfect gifts for parents, more and more couples are choosing to have a ‘smaller’ album made.

Our Queensberry Duo is available in sizes 5 inch, 7 inch and 10 inch, has the same cover colour as the client album, with the same photos and layout included.

The Storybook album is available as A4 or A5, and also has the same cover colour, photos and layout as the couple’s album.




Retouching is part of your album design process. All album images are retouched. We focus on smoothing the skin, whitening teeth (not that you need it) and removing anything distracting from the background (such as an exit sign). On my wedding day I had a spot on the side of my head and thankfully was able to remove when it came to retouching my wedding images and designing my wedding album.

There is an additional cost for any extra retouching, such as people being added in/taken out, as this has to be outsourced and we’ll always advise if it’s going to look natural.

Finally, here’s a look at a couple of our albums from start to finish…



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