Viewing and selecting your wedding album experience

Here at Donal Doherty Photography, we take great pride in ensuring every stage of your wedding photography is an easy and enjoyable experience. That’s why from booking, right through to selecting your wedding album, we’ve perfected the entire process. Wondering what exactly happens when it you come to choose your album? Here’s the scope…

  1. After your wedding day your images will be ready in 4 weeks. At this stage, we’ll drop you an email to arrange a viewing in our studio.
  2. The entire viewing experience takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. You’ll come to the studio, have a cuppa, get to see your photos for the first time and relive the day all over again! We’ll kick things off by watching a slideshow of all of your images. Then, we’ll do a first run through to narrow down your images. You may need to do several of these until you’re happy with your selection.
  3. Donal will help you narrow down your images to your firm favourites. We know this can be a tough decision, but we work hard to ensure we have a perfect selection of images, which really reflects your big day. People usually choose between 80 to 100 images for their wedding album, to offer a true version of their wedding day.
  4. Once the images have been decided, we do light retouching to the skin and whiten the teeth on all of your album images. Plus, when choosing your images you will be able to request light retouching requests, if you have any, such as items to be removed from background, imperfections to be removed from the skin, etc.
  5. You’ll get to view different sizes, styles, colours and materials of albums to choose the perfect one for you! We offer a great selection of wedding albums, which have the perfect finish to perfectly complement your photos and personal style.
  6. Once you’re happy with your image and album choices the viewing is done! Woohoo! The hardest part is over. Now all you have to do is proof your album design, which you’ll receive four weeks after your viewing and then wait for your beautiful album to arrive!
  7. Once the design has been approved your album will be delivered in 12 weeks.

Voila! It’s as easy as that!



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