Top Tips To Avoid Wedding Dress Disasters

Your wedding dress will most likely be the prettiest (and most expensive) dress you’ll ever own but like all clothing, anything can happen. Hems can rip, zips can get stuck and trains can get stepped on, which all sounds incredibly scary. But fear not! We’ve come up with a list of ways to help you avoid, or limit wedding dress disasters, so that a fashion emergency doesn’t take over your wedding day.

Hang it up & keep it covered

It might surprise you to learn that the majority of wedding dress disasters actually happen before the bride even wears it on her wedding day. So eliminate the risk of something happening by keeping it in a dress bag and hanging it up out of harm’s way.

Bonus top tip… collect your dress as late as you can from your wedding dress shop!

Prepare an emergency kit

Task a trusted bridesmaid to prepare an emergency dress repair kit, which should include safety pins, needles, white thread, spare buttons and fabric glue, and keep it on-hand in case of any needed last minute repairs.

Bonus top tip… The majority of rips, spots or tears happen around the bodice and luckily your bouquet will hide that!

Wash your hands

Don’t forget to wash your hands before putting on your wedding dress to avoid stains from lotions and oils. This is definitely essential if your dress is satin or silk. And the same applies to whoever is helping you into it!

Bonus top tip…Try not to touch your face as make-up transfers are the most common way dresses get stained.

Ask your dress shop for cleaning advice

The best place to seek advice on stain removal is from the experts! Ask your bridal shop consultant for emergency cleaning tips. They’ve probably been in this industry for years and have seen it all, and they’ll be able to offer advice on your specific dress fabric type.

Bonus top tip: If you have a wedding planner, they’ll be well rehearsed in stain removal!

Practice walking in it

Okay, so you might think the best way to avoid damages is to stay clear of your dress ahead of the wedding, but practice does make perfect! The week before your wedding, try your dress on and practice standing, sitting and walking in it. The majority of women, won’t have worn a dress of their chosen silhouette before and getting used to wearing it is actually the perfect way to avoid dress disasters.

Bonus top tip: Make sure your bridesmaid knows how to arrange your train properly to minimise the risk of it wrinkling.

Speak to your photographer

The good news is that photographers will actually have loads of experience in keeping wedding dresses clean and dry. And they won’t force you into a situation that you aren’t comfortable with. Most photographers will carry a dust sheet to place underneath the bottom of your dress to keep it stain-free.

Bonus top tip: A trash the dress style photo shoot is a great way post-wedding to get some amazing shots, without fear of damaging your dress on your wedding day. It also gives you the chance to get a little more adventurous if you dare!

Stick to clear liquids

With guests keen to congratulate you, you’ll be passed from person to person so choose clear liquids to minimise the risk of spillage.

Bonus top tip: If the dreaded red wine disaster strikes, act fast. The key is to dab – not rub – the area with a napkin moistened in soda water. Once dried, cover any stain left behind with white chalk.

Don’t panic

Remember, it’s highly unlikely that anything will go horribly wrong but the best way to deal with a disaster is to stay calm. With these top tips you can minimise the risk of anything happening. Plus, your guests will be having too good of a time to even notice!



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