Rain, rain, go away… 10 top tips for surviving a wet wedding day

Okay… so for those of us who live in Ireland, I’m not meaning to rain on your parade, but the fact of the matter is that it may rain on your wedding day! But… wet weather on your special day doesn’t need to put a damper on things! It’s all about being prepared and facing a potential downpour with a sunny demeanour. Here, we’ve put together our wet wedding day top tips so that rain doesn’t affect those stunning wedding photographs.

1) Wet wedding weather plan

The best way to put your mind at ease is to devise a wet weather plan with your photographer. Speak to your photographer about a backup plan in case there is rain on your wedding day. Experienced photographers will be ready to offer you options for your photographs should you be faced with a downpour.

2) Keep an eye on the forecast

Being prepared is definitely key so in the week leading up to your special day, keep an eye on the forecast. Having an insight into what the weather may be like will afford you plenty of time to think ahead and organise details such as ensuring your driver picks you up right at your door to reduce time spent outdoors.


3) Bring appropriate footwear

There’s no point in spending big bucks on a gorgeous pair of white shoes, only to have them ruined by rain. If you’re determined to have photos taken outside, we always advise couples to bring Converse or wellies! Plus, coordinate your wedding party too, for some pretty cool photos.

4) The great indoors

Most venues look just as good indoors as outside so speak to your photographer about indoor locations. When faced with rain, consider having your family and group photos taken inside your church or hotel to keep guests dry.

wet wedding

5) Pretty parasols make perfect props

Another cool prop is matching umbrellas – the perfect solution for capturing some gorgeous outdoor shots. Happy couples kissing under cover of an umbrella or the bridal party twirling pretty parasols will result in some truly fabulous wedding photographs.

6) Make the most of breaks in showers

I’ve very rarely photographed a wedding where we didn’t get outside at some point in the day. If a couple is determined to get outdoors, I always advise them to be prepared to go out at a moment’s notice, such as between courses at the meal.  This is always done promptly to limit time spent away from wedding guests.

7) Protect your dress

Ensure your photographer brings a sheet to place on the wet ground to protect the bottom of your dress and keep it in perfect condition! A sheet can be easily folded and placed under your dress and is the perfect saviour in these conditions.

wet wedding

8) Look for covered outdoor areas

Thankfully, many venues in Ireland offer covered outdoor areas which still afford plenty of natural light, such as Lough Eske Castle! Speak to your photographer or wedding venue about any weather friendly areas they know of, such as canopies which can look spectacular in photos.

9) Create a bridal DIY emergency kit

Hair and makeup touches may be required so make sure you put together a handy kit, complete with hairpins, hairspray, tissues and waterproof mascara.

10) Don’t panic

Finally, don’t panic! It’s your wedding day so enjoy it! Whatever the weather, we will always capture those special moments of your wedding day so you won’t even remember the weather!

Oh and by the way, if it does rain on your wedding day… be happy. It’s good luck and they say you’ll have lots of babies and lots of money in the future!



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