One Year Later Interview: Lesley + Richard’s An Grianan Hotel Wedding

Lesley and Richard were married during the snowy Friday 8th December 2017 at Banagher Presbyterian Church, with their reception following at An Grianan Hotel.

A year since their wedding day, I caught up with Lesley, who reflects on what a magical day it was, as well as sharing her top tips for anyone planning their wedding. Here’s what she had to say…

Lesley, how did you both meet?

We met when I was 16 and Richard was 17. We were young sweethearts, although I’m not sure either of us thought we would end up getting married way back then. We met through friends, as Richard’s cousin and one of my best friends were seeing each other. The same cousin ended up being best man at our wedding and their son was our page boy.

Tell us about married life. How has your first year been?

To be honest, married life has been no different. Richard and I lived together before we got married and we were together almost 14 years before the big day so we knew each other pretty well. Although I have to say, sometimes I still do a double take when I see my new surname.

What is your favourite memory of your wedding day?

Everything. I couldn’t possibly pick just one memory. I loved our big day from start to finish. However, I must say I loved the fact that it snowed. That was just the cherry on top.

What 3 words would you use to describe your wedding?

White, perfect and magical.

What was the overall vibe for your day?

I really wanted a Christmas theme, without the red and green colours, so we opted for a rustic, winter wonderland theme. We wanted to ensure that it was a relaxing and enjoyable day for all.  

Tell us about the search for your dream dress.

As soon as we got engaged I started to look. I thought I wanted a lace dress with long sleeves but when I started to shop around I ended up loving the opposite. I went with a full skirt dress with a lace trim. I think it was the perfect dress for a winter, snowy wedding.

I loved every moment of dress shopping. It’s such a cherished memory to have with my mum and bridesmaids.

When attending a friend’s wedding in February 2017, I started thinking that maybe my larger dress would be difficult to dance in during the reception so I decided to look for a second dress for the evening, which was a completely different look. I went for a sleek, satin dress. I like that I was able to have two very different dresses, which I love equally.

I always think that someday, if we’re lucky enough to have children I will use the material from the evening dress to make into a christening gown. The dress will continue to offer us precious memories.

And the bridesmaid dresses?

I would like to think I was pretty laidback when it came to the bridesmaid dresses (they may say different). We had agreed on a dress however when ordered it ended up being discontinued, so we had to get an alternative. This maybe wasn’t such a bad thing as the dress we ended up with was perfect. We went for a mauve/ purple colour which was beautiful against the snow in our photos.

Where did you honeymoon?

We didn’t really go on a honeymoon. We had always wanted to go to Iceland around December so we thought we would take the opportunity to do so then. It was so beautiful.

What 5 tips would you offer anyone currently planning their wedding?

  1. Don’t stress over it. Enjoy every moment.
  2. Remember that it’s your big day and have it exactly the way you want it. Don’t let others force or encourage you to have things a certain way.
  3. Make sure you have a contingency fund for the little hidden extras.

What do you love the most about your wedding album?

I love absolutely everything about it. After the big day is all over, your pictures and memories are what’s left. I love the fact that in years to come, we will be able to sit down with our children (and maybe grandchildren) to show them our beautiful wedding pictures.



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