Behind the scenes at 2018’s weddings

Get a sneak peek of what exactly went on behind the scenes at 2018’s weddings.

No doubt you’ve seen plenty of beautiful wedding photos over the years. Often, those perfect moments are all that you see, but believe it or not, a lot goes on behind the scenes that most people are oblivious to. As a wedding photographer, I see a wedding day in its entirety. Along with those amazing moments, there’s a lot of cray cray that goes on, especially when it comes to photography! There are so many ridiculous things that we as photographers do in order to end up with a pretty spectacular shot. Plus, in between shots, we’re always having plenty of craic, which we always seem to get on camera.

So with this in mind, from photobombs aplenty to seriously silly antics, I bring you a behind the scenes look at 2018’s weddings…




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